Professional Medical Assessment for Travel Insurance

MediQuote - Travel Insurance

All purchasers of insurance have a duty to inform the insurer of any material fact that may affect the terms of cover. This includes any pre-existing medical condition.

The staff at MediQuote specialise in travel health. Through years of experience, education and research in this area, MediQuote is well placed to give a professional opinion as to how an individual’s medical condition may be affected by overseas travel. Various factors are taken into consideration in the assessment process including the destination, duration of trip, means of transport and local facilities. Individual assessments are time consuming; however as this is MediQuote’s sole responsibility, assessors are not limited by time constraints.

Documentation will always be issued to the insured confirming the terms and conditions under which the policy has been extended to provide appropriate cover. This endorsement is a legal document and forms a part of the insurance contract with the insurer.

Standard travel insurance premiums may cover certain medical conditions whilst an enhanced premium may be required for other conditions that are considered an increased risk. However it is important that all conditions are declared at the time of purchase or, in the case of an annual policy, as soon as the insured becomes aware of a medical condition.

Failure to make a declaration could mean that a traveller has insufficient cover and is unable to make a claim. Professional medical assessment prevents this from happening.

When discussing personal information, an insured traveller is secure in the knowledge that they are speaking with a registered medical professional who has a duty of care not only to give appropriate advice but to maintain total client confidentiality.

Having utilised the MediQuote facility, many travellers return for reassessment prior to further travel. Subsequent assessment is relatively simple as comprehensive information will have been retained in a confidential client file. MediQuote’s professional assessment provides both the insured and the insurer with confidence that the best levels of cover have been provided together with the additional benefit of professional medical advice.

Professional medical assessment by MediQuote prevents ambiguity in the event of a claim.