Professional Medical Assessment for Travel Insurance

MediQuote - Clients

  • MediQuote are able to provide the essential element in the process of assessing and advising travellers on behalf of insurers and suppliers of travel insurance.
  • The preferred choice of many corporations, MediQuote clients are typically travel insurers, travel insurance underwriters and retailers of travel insurance. The latter includes financial service providers such as banks and building societies, direct insurance providers, travel agents, tour operators and brokers.
  • There are distinct advantages to both the client and their customers in using the services of MediQuote. Individual professional assessment and protection of confidential information means that MediQuote provides the infrastructure to meet current data protection and discrimination legislation.
  • Amongst the benefits to the insurer is the fact that MediQuote is able to make an accurate assessment of an individual traveller’s increased medical risk and adjust the insurance premium accordingly. There may be occasions where appropriate cover cannot be provided, in which case, MediQuote staff will explain the situation to the customer and then confirm this in writing.
  • Retailers of travel insurance products can be confident that the medical assessment process protects their scheme against predictable claims whilst offering a professional service to their customers who receive advice specific to their destination and itinerary.
  • An existing medical condition may increase the likelihood of cancellation or the need for medical treatment whilst overseas. Some medical conditions can be aggravated by travel – either by the method of transport itself (ie long haul air travel) or by local conditions in the destination being visited. A medical condition that has little impact on someone’s day to day life at home may be exacerbated in certain circumstances whilst overseas.
  • For the prospective traveller the service has two distinct benefits.
    • Firstly it enables them to be absolutely sure that their insurance covers them fully whilst they are travelling. Failure to disclose an existing medical condition can mean that a related insurance claim could be refused. Medical assessment at the time of purchase means that this risk is averted so that the customer can travel with confidence.
    • The other major advantage for the traveller is that they have the opportunity to discuss their medical condition with an informed health care professional who will be able to give advice as to how to avoid problems whilst travelling.
  • Provision of travel insurance without professional medical assessment means that both insurer and retailer are unable to have the opportunity to identify the degree of medical risk. This means that they either unknowingly take on unacceptable risk or lose sales to customers with low risk conditions.
  • Professional medical assessment prevents this from happening.