Professional Medical Assessment for Travel Insurance

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Established in 1994, MediQuote is now a market leader in this specific area of risk assessment for the travel insurance industry. It provides a service to major retailers, underwriters and members of the public who require travel insurance.

Staffed by medical professionals, MediQuote uses the expertise of its specialist team, all of whom have undertaken specific training in travel medicine.

The most important part of a travel insurance policy is the medical cover. This provides protection in the unfortunate event that a trip needs to be cancelled or a traveller requires medical attention (including hospital admission and repatriation home) whilst overseas. Should the claim be relating to a pre-existing medical condition that has not been declared to the insurer, this could result in the claim being refused. It is therefore important that adequate insurance cover is in place prior to booking a trip or travelling overseas.

Having made a medical assessment, MediQuote will issue documentation confirming the terms under which cover has been extended, thereby ensuring that both the insurer and the insured are confident that the policy provides appropriate cover.

Committed to improving their own understanding of a speciality in which little general data is available, MediQuote undertake continuous research into the effects of travel upon both health and disease.


Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries

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